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Bar 30 Depth Sensor not working

Hi there, I have a Bar 30 Depth Sensor attached to an i2c and that goes to my Pixhawk. I did a water test at swimming pool, there’s no depth reading and when i start the Depth Hold function, It went all the way down to the bottom. I’ve changed another new depth sensor but I still have the same issue.

What do you mean by this? i2c is a communication method that specifies the protocol and the wires that you need - it’s not something you can attach something else to.

The Bar 30 can be plugged directly into the i2c port of the Pixhawk, and should be recognised automatically assuming you’ve got ArduSub loaded onto it. If that’s not working then you’ve most likely got one or multiple of:

  • not plugging the wires into the right port
  • incorrect software (you may wish to try updating your Pixhawk firmware to the latest stable ArduSub version, and potentially your companion computer and QGC if they’re not up to date)
  • damaged wires/connectors
  • a broken pin/port on your Pixhawk
  • a broken sensor (unlikely since you say you’ve tried two already)