WayFinder integration on BlueROV2 (missing parameters)

I’ve been trying to integrate a WayFinder DVL on my BlueROV2.
There is an Integration Guide available here GitHub - Teledyne-Marine/Wayfinder: Python driver for communication with a Teledyne Marine Wayfinder DVL which I try to use to help me.
I tried to change the pixHawk parameters from QGroundControl as it is said, but some parameters are unfindable:

This one is visible : PSC_VELXY_P=14 (however the maximum value is 6, should I put 1.4 ?)

I didn’t find them in the full parameter reference of px4.
How can I find them and what do they change ?
Thank for any help, I’m new to this

Hi @Nathan_R07,

If you’re missing those parameters it sounds like you might’ve skipped step 1 of their BlueROV integration guide :slight_smile: