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Ease of Setting up 2nd BlueROV2

Hey everyone,

So we’re looking into getting a second BlueROV and I was wondering if getting the software to match with our current rov would be as simple as cloning the SD card from our companion and then putting it in the new one.

Ofc I would still have to update the px4 flight code through the web interface.

Otherwise, will I need to use QGC to transfer the parameters that we use, or are those also stored on the companion?

Are there any other unforeseen things I might have to change?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @JaylTheGreat

I would recommend just following the BlueROV2 Software Setup instructions for your #2 BlueROV2 instead of trying to copy over the SD card on the Raspberry Pi (it already comes pre-loaded with Companion) or the default parameters on the Pixhawk autopilot (pre-loaded and checked by us).

What do you feel you would need to carry over?

really we’re just concerned about making them both exactly the same on the software configuration side.

Most of our stuff is no longer out-of-the-box Blue Robotics, as I’ve modified the pixhawk and companion code. Additionally I’d like to preserve the current parameters and such so that i don’t have to re-enable the ping as rangefinder (this is just example) or redo whatever other small changes i made to the companion computer or flight params.

Essentially, one will be for using and the other will be for testing new modifications, and, as such, it’s in our best interests to keep them as similar as possible.

Oh ok got it!

You will need to do the following:

  1. Clone the SD card from the Raspberry Pi. That will be for the Companion image. Nothing else is saved on the Pi.
  2. Save your parameters to a file location on your topside computer. Once you have your new BlueROV2 connected, you can then “Load from file”

You will still need to check your motor directions, do a compass and accelerometer calibration for the new vehicle as every ROV is a little different in its offsets even if your sensors are marked “green” when you load the parameters.

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