Integrating Wayfind DVL with BlueOS

Could use some help integrating the WayFinder DVL with BlueOS. Seems that mavproxy is no longer available with the new OS.

Have installed all of the requirements per this page: GitHub - Teledyne-Marine/Wayfinder: Python driver for communication with a Teledyne Marine Wayfinder DVL. Moving forward with the steps on the BlueROV integration page. However, Not sure what to do about step 7. 1. Add tcp: to ~/mavproxy.params. File doesn’t exist. Would appreciate some suggestions as to how I can move forward.


Hi @andygrayia,

I believe you should be able to make an equivalent endpoint via the Endpoints page in the BlueOS web interface (you’ll need to have pirate mode on to do so).

If that doesn’t work feel free to follow up and we can try to figure out something else :slight_smile:

Ok! Looks like that did it. Seeing the following with “sudo ps -aux | less”

root 1847 1.7 0.1 3688 1272 pts/3 S+ 15:28 0:18 /usr/bin/mavlink-routerd /dev/ttyACM0:115200 --tcp-port 0 --endpoint --endpoint –tcp-endpoint

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