Losing BR2 connexion after Python update

I am trying to integrate the WayFinder DVL on a BlueROV2.
It is required to update the Python version on the companion (v3.6 minimum)
After updating the RaspberryPi python version, I’m constantly losing the vehicle connection on QGroundControl, yet the video stream still works fine.
I can’t manage to use the vehicle after this and have been rebooting the companion several time for the past couple weeks.

Would someone have any idea what is it I’m doing wrong ?
Best regards.

Hi @Nathan_R07,

Our old Companion Software uses Python for a variety of its services. If you’ve replaced one or both of the default Python versions with a new one then that may be causing issues with the installed libraries and preventing the services from running as expected.

If you need to stay on Companion it may be worth flashing on a fresh image and then following these steps to install a new python version without influencing the existing ones, but otherwise you may wish to try BlueOS, which @andygrayia seems to have managed to get working with the WayFinder here (I’m unsure whether there was any additional special setup required).

In case it’s relevant, note the parameters discussion in your earlier post.

I managed to make it work thank you,
I still encounter issues though.
The first being the parameters to change in QGC, as I answered on another topic, what value should I put for “PSC_VELXY_P=14” ?

Second issue, the Github page of the WayFinder integration is not avaible anymore, I can’t download the python driver for the DVL, would you have another link ?

Last question :
Is there any documentation on how to use the bluerovintegrationscript ?
Thank you for your help

Teledyne is in charge of their own codebase. I’m not sure whether they’ve removed the repository or made it private, but the product page has a software link, which has a source code link, which goes to a password-protected “Download Portal” (that you can sign up for an account to), so perhaps they wanted to avoid people getting access to the python driver code without having an account or something (not sure why that would be).

Their BlueROV2 integration guide is still linked to from a few different places on their website.

I’m not sure - you’ll likely need to ask Teledyne about that.