Waterlinked G2 and QGC issues


We are experiencing some issues with adding the waterlinked GPS data to QGC.

We are able to receive gps data and launch the waterlinked GUI with the static IP on via WiFi without issue.

When we tried to connect via Ethernet we were unsuccessful at accessing the GUI on (changed network properties to static IP still no success).

We bought the integration kit and setup as per instruction and had no luck connecting to the waterlinked GUI but BlueOS GUI connected fine and we were able to fly without issue.

I’m wondering if we are missing something as we’re not able to connect to the waterlink via Ethernet and only wifi, ideally we’d like to use the integration kit so its nice and tidy with the binder connectors but are open to the network switch.

Assuming we bypass the Ethernet to USB on the FXTI and connect the computer, waterlinked and FXTI on a switch and bridge the connection that should be best?

Thank you.

You have some network setup error.
All units (ROV, Waterlinked and Topside computer) must be on same subnet, and be able to ping each other. My advice: do not use Wifi for any of them.
More tip: BlueROV2 integration with GPS v2 with locator A1
Myself I always use separate switch as you suggest.

Hi @Kschottlander, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with the Water Linked UGPS, but if it’s working through wifi but not through ethernet then that seems most likely to be a network configuration problem on your topside computer, as @Boko suggested.

That IP address is the address for the device itself - if you set that to also be the IP address of your computer’s interface to the device then they won’t be able to talk to each other. The Water Linked integration instructions specify to

which matches what we normally recommend for connecting to the BlueROV2.

Hello All,

So as per the water linked setup guide we seem to have found that two resistors need to be removed for certain units produced before June 2021. We did this and totally reset and re followed all steps with the integration kit. This solved our issues and we are able to successfully integrate the QGC and Waterlinked system together. Thank you.

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