WaterLinked DVL A50 integration not working

We have alredy integrated DVL driver, but cannot display dvl position data in QGC.
Also we cannnot switch GUIDED mode.

I think causes of that is we cannot Enable odometry support.


We search VISO_TYPE paramter in QGC>Parameters, but we cannot find it.

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Which version of ArduSub are you using? The DVL integration requires using the “Beta” release (4.1.0) - it won’t work on the “Stable” release (4.0.3).

I searched our docs for “Guided Mode” and the first result is this page, which has a note that says

There’s some further brief commentary on that here. Regardless, modes that require a position estimate understandably can’t be switched into without active position measurements, so you’ll need to fix the DVL connection/integration issue first.

I can find VISO_TYPE parameter by upgrade Ardusub to “beta” 4.1.0.
But I have a problem that “depth pressure sensor is not connected” error.

I connect Bar30 pressure sensor to Pixhawk 12C same as in that link.

ArduSub beta recently had a couple of updates that apparently messed up a default parameter for the depth sensor. The issue should be fixed if you

You will also need to set EK3_SRC1_POSXY and EK3_SRC1_VELXY to 6 (although I’m unsure if that’s just if you’re using BlueOS Beta instead of Companion).

Thankes! I solve it by settting BARO_PROBE_EXT.
However, I connot find EKF3_GPS_TYPE parameter and PSC_POSY paramter max 2.0 (recommend 2.5).

I’ve just looked into this a bit more. As I understand it, the new ArduSub Beta uses EK3_SRC1_POSXY and EK3_SRC1_VELXY instead of EKF3_GPS_TYPE.

I believe you’re after the PSC_POSXY_P parameter.

Sorry, I describe it wrongly.
PSC_POSXY_P parameter is recommended 2.5, but its maximum is 2.0.

Right, I’ve just confirmed that in QGC, so it seems our recommendation hasn’t been updated to match the new firmware.

I’ve put a comment about that in my documentation update pull request, but I don’t know what the new recommended value is so we’ll need to wait for the software team to be online tomorrow.

Thanks, I’ ll be wait for it.

By the way, is QGC EFK data(LOCAL_POSITION_NED) an integration of DVL velocity data and ROV IMU data or DVL dead reckoning data , when integrate DVL?

At this stage the DVL’s dead reckoning message isn’t used in the DVL integration - the position reported in QGC is calculated by ArduSub’s EKF3, which does its own dead reckoning by combining the autopilot’s IMU values with the DVL’s velocity measurements.

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Apologies for the delay on this. You should be able to just use 2.0 :slight_smile:

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