Waterlinked A1 locator problem


I have a waterlinked UGPS system bought a couple of months ago (WL-31012-2). We have shown that it works with a U1 locator, however when I go to use the integrated A1 locator no voltage is found on the brown and white wire inside the FXTI.

  1. Should there be the same voltage that is provided to the blue-white as the brown-white?
  2. If not, how does the locator receive its power, and what voltage-range should it be within?

The blue and white wires from waterlinked recieves 12V. The shared signalboard inside the FXTI also recieves 12V.

The waterlinked GUI checks of everything except the “Acoustic signal from Locator not detected” (This is when it is submerged in water). I’ve tried all the channels in the GUI, and it stil can not find the locator.

  1. Are there any simple ways to check if the A1 Locator is getting power?

  2. See attached picture. Inside the FXTI (ASM-R1) it says +7-28V, but it’s only receiving 4.2V. Would this be a problem, and how would it be resolved? Yes, the terminal next to it (green one) is receiving 12V.

Sorry if these are all stupid messy questions, but I don’t understand what to do. Please help.