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Video Recording freeze frame MKV

(Doug) #1

Trying to record with MKV format and playback is showing a single freeze frame? Same thing occors on Mac and Windows computers. Ended up using MP4.

MKV worked before leaving for job with no changes to any configurations.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Doug,

Would you mind trying to play the files in VLC media player? It tends to handle MKVs better than most media players.

Just a reminder for anyone reading, we recommend recording in MKV format because that format is tolerant to crashes, i.e. if QGC crashes or your computer battery dies while recording, the file will not be corrupted. They can be converted to more common formats after the dive if necessary.


(Doug) #3

VLC Player works. Only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t show time into or remaining in the video file. You wouldn’t happen to be working on putting a date and time stamp on the video recording, would you.

(Doug) #4

I will clarify. I time is on the control bar for Windows version.

(Jacob) #5

@dtrail, please make sure you are using ourlatest version of QGC. If you are having troubles with this version, please send us a video file that is presenting problems.

(Doug) #6

Hi Jacob,

I have latest version as needed to install with gripper installation. Using VLC seems to run the MKV files O.K.

Still hard to beleive Roxio, Windows Media Player and the Movies and TV app all failed to run MKV only after I got out on the Job.

Don’t think you know it but my gripper also failed on the job first use. Is it normal to beep 6 to 8 times before shutting itself off?


WT Industries, LLc

Houston, Texas


(Kevin) #7

Hi Doug,

Regarding the gripper, can you send us an e-mail to support@bluerobotics.com with amplifying information on the failure? This is the first one we have seen.

(Doug) #8

Hi Kevin,

I assume Rusty has past on all the pictures. Please call me to discuss.


Doug Trail

WT Industries, LLc

Houston, Texas