Media codec and video editing

I wonder what tip You have for video editing of saved videoclips without rerendering.
The editing softwares I have tested dont like the AVCHD codec found in BlueRov recorded .mkv container.
Recompressing the files with VLC to other formats works, but lose quality and is timeconsuming.
Are there any plugins for windows editing software, or editing software that accept the video material without need to recode the files?


I have setup the video to be recorded in mp4 in qgc which is easier dealt with by editing programs. Click on the purple icon in the left top corner of qgc and scroll to bottom of page to change the format that the video is recorded in

Hi Bo,

Thanks for the post! The reason QGC defaults to recording as a MKV is because that file format won’t be corrupted if there is some fault, like QGC crashing, computer running out of battery, etc. You really don’t want to spend time diving the ROV only to come back without your video!

The MKV format does have to be converted to work with most video editing platforms. You can do that with VLC but I prefer using Handbrake, which provides more options and a more intuitive interface.

We’ve had good luck with the “HQ 1080p30 Surround” preset and there doesn’t appear to be much, if any, quality loss. The files come out significantly smaller as well.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Download and install Handbrake.
  2. Click “Open Source” and select the MKV file.
  3. Select “HQ 1080p30 Surround” from the right sidebar presets.
  4. Click “Start” and that’s it. It’ll take a while a convert but shows progress at the bottom.

I’m doing a test on “Super HQ 1080p30 Surround” test now to see if that’s better in any way.

Let me know what you think.


@kaosrulz hmm almost a RTFM for me, good Tip on basic function I missed!
@rjehangir thanks for good converter spec when needing a handbrake turn!

I checked mp4 recording, seems good enough for most projects.
Converted older Projects and made a medley video: Rov1 - YouTube