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UROV Not Connecting

We started up our bot after about a couple of months, and we had to update QGC and after multiple firmware updates, the bot is only recognized when the PixHawk is hardwired to the computer. Any suggestions on how to set up the Ethernet connection? We tried to change the IP address. We can provide more details if needed. Thank you!

Hi @sjvashi,

Please check our troubleshooting guide.

We tried everything on the troubleshooting guide. Nothing has worked so far.

Can you specify:

  1. Top computer operating system (e.g. windows, linux, macOS)
  2. Assuming you’re using a companion computer, does video streaming appear in QGC?
  3. Does the weblink work?

We’re using Windows, and nothing shows up in QGC currently, we only see a Waiting for Vehicle Connection. The weblink works, meaning that the ethernet cable is good to go and the Pixhawk is connecting to the computer, but QGC is not recognizing the connection.

Hi @sjvashi

Please go through the troubleshooting steps here and let us know: