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Timed out trying to catch bootloader

Hey Everyone,

After some time off the water, I went back to use the ROV and tried connecting but was getting no telemetry.

I have:

  • Updated companion computer to 0.0.22

  • Tried updating Pixhawk firmware via and it is saying ArduSub Version not found. I go to update stable version but, I get the message “Timed out trying to catch bootloader”.

  • I do see “PX4_FMU_v2.x (Pixhawk AutoPilot)” in the detected devices.

  • Then I tried connecting the pixhawk directly to a computer to update the firmware. This worked but I don’t see the same option as mentioned in this thread (ArduSub Updating Firmware through browser - no internet). So instead I select “ArduSub” “Nutx” “Sub” and then whatever firmware option that was provided. This work and I get telelemtry. However as soon as I plug the USB cable back into the Companion Computer nothing, no telemetry.

  • Turned everything on and off several times.

  • Tried different USB cables.

  • Formatted SD cards

It appears I can not get a connection between the companion computer and the Pixhawk? Any suggestions I am out of option!

Thanks in advance.

Are you receiving video?
Have you checked your IP address? both the IP and netmask are very important.

try disconnect USB cable from ( Raspberry pi-Pixhawk USB cable ) pixhawk and reconnect at a point where firmware updation got stucked. The process is to load the bootloader by power recycling the Pixhawk.

-thank you

Hi Willian,

Yes I am receiving video and the IP address is correct.

Any other ideas?

Hi Sudheeshk,

Thanks, I am pretty sure I have tried this but I am a bit unsure how to power cycle the pixhawk? I have read a few people mention this?


Ok, I have some progress…

  • I established that there was no mavproxy?
  • I re-flashed the raspberry pi SD card. This worked and I can now see mavproxy and I can establish a vehicle connection, i.e. video and telemetry.
  • However, ArduSub version is 3.5.4. Now, when I attempt to update, the ROV lights flash on, lots of beeps and repeated messages of “attempting to reboot on /dev/autopilot” followed by the “timed out trying to catch bootloader”

Any ideas?

Hi Joel,
i had the same issue. I can help you to solve this problem.
first you need to find your Pixhawk Bootloader version
connect pixhawk with your linux computer by using a USB cable, and run the following command on linux termianl.
ls /dev/serial/by-id/
you have to run this command with in 2-3 seconds after connecting your computer’s usb port. other wise the you will not get the bootloader information. so you need to open a terminal in advance and execute the commands immediately after connecting the pixhawk.
Kindly share the boot loader version.

Thans you

Thanks for your offer to help Sudheeshk.

I am running a windows computer and not sure what the windows command prompt version of your command is?

However, in QC Groundcontrol when I go to update the firmware via USB I can see it see connected to Bootloader V5 BoardID 255

I have also tried following these instruction:

How do you enable [SYS_BL_UPDATE] in the parameters if default is 0?


So every time I try to update the Ardusub firmware the lights flash and the ROV beeps etc but it still comes up with “timed out trying to catch bootloader”.

I have tried following the github book on updating the bootloader but no success?

Could this be due to the pixhawk being older? Is it easier to replace the pixhawk?