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Failure to connect to vehicle


I have been having connection issues with our ROV. We receive video but get the error “Waiting on vehicle connection.” Also none of the sensors are receiving any data in this state.

When plugging the pixhawk directly to the topside computer it all works as it should.

We have tried reinstalling QGC, the ardusub firmware, as well as the raspian image.

We have followed the BlueROV2 Software Setup and keep getting to the same point.

When trying to update the firmware through the browser we get the error “Failure to catch bootloader.”

And when in terminal when we type in “screen -r mavproxy” we get “There is no screen to be resumed matching mavproxy.”

I have also emailed support, with the issue that we are seeing.

If you need anymore information or screenshots let me know and I will try to post as soon as I can.

Thank you,