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"No connection to vehicle"


Was doing my first hookup of my BR2-heavy last night, but ran into some issues i cant figure out.

I was following the software setup guide, installed the latest QCG, Companion .2 and finally the pixhawk.

After the update, the QCG doesnt get any connection to the ROV.

I can browse the system page on the comapnion, and it detects alle the components. But it doesnt read any version no on the pixhawk.

If i connect an usb cable directly to the pixhawk the QCG detects it and works fine, but when the usb cable is connected through the PI it wont be detected by the QCG…

Any suggesion?


Hi @Vegard, can you try resetting the mavproxy parameters at ?

Thank You

Now it is constantly comes with an error: “EKF2 IMU1 Forced reset”

Many of us have the same problem … I work with it.