BR2 waiting for vehicle connection

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my BR2 when I open the QGC i get clear image of the camera but on the top I have the quote “waiting for vehicle connection”

any ideas what to check?


I had the problem before.

Try to reboot your companion computer and restart BR2. That is how i fix the issue, but i deeply have no idea about the cause of problem.

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Hi Luis,

If restarting the ROV does not work, you can go to → “Open Terminal” and type screen -ls, it’ll show a list of services running, one of them should be called mavproxy, if such service does not exist, you should check the connection between the pixhawk and the companion board inside the ROV.

Hello Patrick,

Ok I’ve followed Ardusub troubleshooting and your suggestions and found out that mavproxy was not running

Tried to run with the script and this message appeared

I’ve noticed there are like 2 bips only when I plug the battery to the ROV and I found the following

pix hawk is well connected but the blue led on the center is not on anymore… could the pixhawk died?

Any other suggestion?

The Pixhawk is dead @luisgamez, contact please.

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Thanks jacob I have contacted support :smiley: