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Thruster stalling and not relaunching

I am kinda stuck here, coming from Quads i know the Basics about ESC Config etc. but i dont get the T200 R1 Thrusters to work reliably.

I have used the default BLHeli32 Setting with LOW RPM Protection off but sometimes a Motor did stall somehow. I found the BLHeli Config file here in the Forum but i got a lot worse. I played with some settings but no success. I am using Tekko32 ESCs, is there something special about the BR ESC?

I will attach a short video where you can see and hear the stall. Listen carefully to the motor after i release the throttle and zoom in on the Motor itself, it makes a buzzing sound even without throttle. Just after turning it about 1/2 round it stops and spins freely again.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @rico, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hopefully one or both of those is helpful?

Not that much since I am using this already. What about the commutation timing, you recommend 3°, really this low?

Hi @rico,

Not sure what’s going on here, but it may be an ESC firmware issue. Try loading the analogous settings as we use on the BasicESC to your ESC:

Note that “Medium” timing in BlHeli_S corresponds to 15°.


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Thanks a lot! I just dumped your config into BLHELI32 Suite but it does not interpret the values correct.

I did test yesterday with an Throttle Increase Limit rate of 1%/ms and it worked fine. I will test the correct settings you posted today and will upload the results.

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