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Brand new T200 extremely slow

Hi I have a brand new T200 which was working perfectly for a day during out of water bench tests and suddenly became extremely slow. During bench tests I only ran the motor at 5 -10% throttle and only for under 5 seconds at a time. I´m using a 12v lithium battery to a ZTW 50a ESC to the T200. I tried running it under water to see if that would stabilize it´s performance somehow but no luck.

Hi @asherisaac,

If your ESC has any settings along the lines of “low RPM power protect” and “demag compensation”, you will need to turn those off to properly run a low Kv motor like the T200.

Our thrusters should not be run dry in air, its possible something may have been damaged if it no longer spins feely by hand.


Hey Adam thanks for the quick response. I switched inputs on my flight controller and it works great again. Not sure what happened. I should have tried that before posting here.