Which esc i must use

can i use any esc to control the thruster or not ,

Hi @micro,

We recommend our BasicESC for controlling our T200 Thrusters, because they’re designed to support the user-case, and come preconfigured to run the thrusters effectively.

The thrusters can also be run with other brushless DC motor ESCs, but you need to make sure that the ESCs are capable of handling the motor current draw at the operating voltage, and support running low-kV motors bi-directionally.

This thread covers the firmware parameters we use on our BasicESC. If you’re using ESCs with a BLHeli_S firmware you should be able to transfer those settings directly when reprogramming, but otherwise you’ll need to determine the equivalent settings for your ESCs, assuming equivalent settings exist.

If you want to use the thrusters with our control hardware and/or software your ESCs will need to support a servo-style PWM input, with 1100us pulse-duration for full reverse, 1500us for stopped/neutral, and 1900us for full forwards.

ok thanks for this information but i want to know to to program BLHeli_s esc like this esc

BLHeli_S (note: not BLHeli or BLHeli_32) ESCs can use our firmware directly. We have a download link for both the firmware we use and the programming software in this guide :slight_smile: