ESCs and telemetry with Ardupilot

Hey all! I’d like to have motor RPM and other telem on my autopilot. I’ve done this many times with copters and was curious if anyone can recommend a robust BLheli32 esc for use with the T200?

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I’ve only got experience with our BasicESC, which runs BLHeli_S and doesn’t support telemetry. I believe we’re planning to offer a ‘with telemetry’ option at some point in future, but I don’t think it’s been looked into extensively yet (and may require development from our end).

Assuming you’ve got a flight controller that supports it, you should be able to use any ESC with suitable power specifications for the power supply and current draw you want/expect to use. You most likely want to program the ESC to be bidirectional if it’s not already when you get it. Other firmware defaults are available in the BasicESC Technical Details tab.

For reference, our BasicESC supports 7-26V and up to 30A constant current (depending on cooling), and the T200 itself can be powered at 7-20V with a full throttle current draw up to 32A at 20V (with lower draw at lower voltages and throttle levels).

The Frsky Neuron40 is a 40A esc whith telemetry included, as rpm, current, voltage
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Welcome to the forum @George, and thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: