Failed! please check thruster 1 and frame setup!

i have built an rov using pixhawk and raspberry pi3b and followed all the instruction in software setup and all the sensor calibration…But when i go to motor tab in QGC and click on auto detect it displays “failed! Please check thruster 1 and frame setup!”…But i already setup the frame with bluerov2?vectored…And when i want to tilt the servo camera motor it just keeps on going without stoping and also the thrusters just keep on spinning without stoping even if i disarm the vehicle…how can i solve this? any help will be appreciated

Hi @ChairmanAlex, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That message indicates that when it tried to spin thruster 1, the vehicle didn’t move the way that it expected it to. The auto-direction detection functionality assumes all the thrusters have been connected to the correct places in the Pixhawk, and that the vehicle is in the water, and it tries to determine if any of the thrusters are configured backwards in the firmware. That’s necessary because the thruster windings aren’t consistent, so it’s not known which way they’ll spin by default.

That’s unexpected. It may be worth resetting to the default parameters from the Parameters page.

Also, are you using our Basic ESCs for controlling your thrusters? Other ESCs are often not bidirectional by default, in which case the 1500us “stopped” signal that ArduSub sends by default for all the thrusters may be interpreted as a mid-range throttle signal by ESCs that are configured as single-directional. If that’s the case you’ll either need to get different ESCs, or reconfigure/flash new firmware onto your existing ones to make them bi-directional. This comment may be worth a read :slight_smile:

Am not using the Basic ESCs because they are not available in my country

am using quadcopter ESCs which are not labeled…but i will try to flash them to be bidirection

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hi Eliot!! i hve reprogrammed the ESCs and now they are working fyn…they come blank with locked micro controller so i used the pads directly from ESC board with arduino to upload the firmware…many thanks for ur steps

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