Forward is backward and motor detection failed

Hi, i need help. Recently adquire a br2 with the heavy config. The first thing i did was un update to the rpi and pixhawk and download the ultimate qgc then in the pool i perform the motor configuration test with the result “Failed! Please check Thruster 5 and frame setup!” so i did, i check the thruster (it´s ok) and the frame setup is correct (6dof) i also change the Esc and motor after trying many time with the same results. After all no changes, same error “Failed! Please check Thruster 5 and frame setup!” after that I test how its move in the water and surprise… backward is forward and viceversa. please help…

Hi @Mauro,

Can you confirm that when you manually do the motor tests, the correct motors (for your frame) are spinning at the correct time?

The automatic direction detection test tries to determine whether a thruster should spin one way or the other, but it assumes all the thrusters are plugged into the correct numbered positions in the Pixhawk, so if it’s expecting roll, pitch, and vertical motion from thruster 5, but is actually getting forwards or yaw motion when it tries to run thruster 5 then it will fail the test and give you an error.

@EliotBR Eliot thanks for your attention, in response to your observations:
the motors (all) are spinning at the correct time and plugged into the correct numbered postitions in the pixhawk. the rove moves very well in all directions except for the issue with forward and backward (are changed) when you want to go forward it goes backwards and viceversa. as i mentioned before the qgc are the las stable version and also the rpi and pix firmwares. Please help…

I’m a bit confused by this. If moving sideways and turning works as expected, but forward and backward are switched, my main thoughts are either

  • some thrusters are getting input from the wrong Pixhawk outputs
    • either the thrusters are connected to the wrong ESCs, or the ESCs are connected to the wrong ports, or
  • in the joystick calibration you’ve done the forwards/backwards part of the calibration backwards
    • but in that case I don’t see why it would affect the automatic motor direction detection