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Bluerov 2 controls

Hi ,
So I’ve just been testing out my bluerov2 , configured it to the specs of the online instructions , so ive individually checked thrusters and are in the correct orientation 2 front are ccw 2 rear are cw , top left is cw as it points forward and top right is ccw according to the spec of instructions, however she won’t dive , when descending she barrel rolls suggesting to me that the thrusters are working whith eachother to go same direction causing her to roll , and when trying to move forward or reverse she just spins or slowly wiggles suggesting it may be a similar issue on the 2 front and 2 rear thrusters however strafe works great in both directions,

Just wondering if anyone else had this issue

Hi Ahmet,
We have encountered quite the same situation months ago…

As far as I remember to fix this issue, we have set the following config for thrusters in QGC.

Please note the checkboxes to reverse thrusters.

We have also set the compass value in “Sensors" menu to match the way we have positioned the Pi card (hroizontal, vertical…): “YAW270” in my memories. And then made several tests until it worked.

Hope this help.


Many thanks inspires confidence that you guys had a similar issue and managed to work around it , I’ll give that a go and keep you updated thats great thanks.

Hi all,

Did you mean Pixhawk? If set up as Bluerov configuration it should be set as ‘Roll 90’.

This may rectify the problem.

The latest QGC also has a thruster test option to see if the thrusters are correctly orientated. It will perform a test and analyze the results, thus automatically setting thrusters if any are in reverse.

Kind regards
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