Thruster setup with pixhawk - error

We are using a pixhawk 2.4.8 with raspberry pi 4b for our ROV setup. We are trying to connect esc to pixhawk and test a single thruster, but we are not able to calibrate or initialise them. We are using Blueos in Rpi and QGC on a surface computer to test it. This is the error message I am getting while testing. I have tried connecting pixhawk directly to the surface computer and also through raspberry but couldn’t start the thruster. The pwm signal and ground of the thruster are connected to Main1 pin in pixhawk.

Thank you

Hi @aravinds23 -
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The Auto detect direction function requires the ROV to have all thrusters connected, and the unit to be in the water!

If you are unable to slide the arm switch and manipulate the slider for thruster channel 1, I would recommend verifying you’ve calibrated the accelerometer and compass, or disabled the failsafe checks that may be preventing you from arming the vehicle.

When you apply power to the system, do you hear the start-up beeps from the connected thruster, followed by a third confirmation beep indicating the motor controller has been initialized?