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The ROV not working in armed mode or in general

(Jay Abraham) #1

im building my ROV and i have all my t100 (and T200) thrusters installed and wired up to the pixhawk and i have my newton gripper attached and wired up but nothing is moving. I am able to test out each motor in the motor tab but i can get any of them to move in armed mode using my joystick. also my gripper isn’t moving at all. the signal cable is attached in AUX 2 and i tried out every servo option in the joystick button mapping tab but nothing is happening. BTW im using an Xbox Wireless Controller.

(Jacob) #2

Have you enabled the joystick on the joystick setup page? Can you take a screenshot of the joystick setup page?

(Jay Abraham) #3

wow that did the trick. thank you so much!!!