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The ROV is turned on, the 1 and 3 thrusters will start to rotate

There is a question to ask, originally did not have this situation, I changed the pixhawk to a new one, only to change this situation, as long as the ROV is turned on, the 1 and 3 thrusters will start to rotate. At this time the ground station also Not connected yet, ARM is still locked, the motor controller is no problem, I have adjusted the controller of the 2 and 4 thrusters. Can I fix this situation?my ROV is Frame: simplerov4 Thank you.


It sounds like initially you are running the ROV in stabilize or depth hold mode.
In the stabilized mode, the motors try to move the vehicle. When the vehicle is out of water on the bench, it can’t move in response to the stabilization. That is why the motors spin without control.
But there is no stabilization in manual mode. That is why, when you turn it on you should change your mode to manual, which wont try to automatically level the vehicle, and only turns the motors in response to pilot input.


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Yes, I know, I have confirmed, it is manual mode. At present, I solved it. I used a data adjuster to adjust the value of the neutral point to 1520. My vertical thruster There was no way to synchronize at startup. I had to adjust it as well, so the data of the two vertical thrusters was a little worse. One is 1520 and the other is 1516. Although the problem is solved, I still don’t know why, thank you. s help.