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When armed four of six thrusters spin non stop

Hi all,

When I arm my BlueROV2 the four lower thrusters begin spinning rapidly and will not stop until I disarm the ROV. Any and all help/suggestions is appreciated!


From troubleshooting:

Motors spin as soon as the vehicle is armed.

Make sure that the vehicle is in Manual mode.

The flight controller attempts to stabilize the vehicle’s attitude so that it is perfectly level. If the vehicle’s attitude is off from level, even a fraction of a degree, the flight controller will spin the motors in an attempt to correct the error. If the vehicle is sitting on land, the error will not change, and the flight controller will spin the motors faster and faster as it tries harder and harder to correct the error. Testing the vehicle on land should be done in MANUAL mode, which just passes pilot inputs to the motors with no stabilization.

I checked to be sure the vehicle is in manual mode and the problem persists. At one point the issue went away after the vehicle sat unplugged over night but returned the next time it was used and has continued ever since.

perform a joystick calibration on the Joystick tab of the Vehicle Setup page (click the gears icon). When the calibration is complete, the knobs on the stick position indicators should be centered, and the motors will not turn in manual mode while the knobs are centered.

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Thank you that was the issue!