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Strafe lelt has no reponse

(qdxiatao) #1

my rov is bluerov1 with lastest firmware and QGC, rc1-rc6’s setting but rc3 is max:1900 min:1100 trim:1100, rc3: max:1900 min:1100 trim:1100.

when i press strafe right ,servo6’s output is 1578 , strafe right, servo6’s output is 1500, the output should be less than 1500.

(TCIII) #2


What version of QGC are you using and what brand of joystick?

It is best to use the “daily” build of QGC as the “Stable” build does not have some of the functions necessary to work with ArduSub.



(qdxiatao) #3

I used the latest QGC(6d8385e 2016-09-19) and logitech wireless gamepad f710

(Jacob) #4

Please upload your parameters. In qgc parameters tab, click the ‘Tools’ button and save parameters.


(qdxiatao) #5


This is my parameters.




parameters-20160923 (3.58 KB)

(Jacob) #6

Set RC7_MIN to 1100, RC7_MAX to 1900, and RC7_TRIM to 1500

This should solve your problem.


(qdxiatao) #7


I set RC7_MIN to 1100, RC7_MAX to 1900, and RC7_TRIM to 1500,but the default servo out of rc6 is 1366. do not resolve this problem.

It is better the setting of rc do not affect each other, where can i modify the code about this problem.

(Jacob) #8

You are misunderstanding what is going on. RC_Input is not intended to have a one to one relationship to RC_output (ie servo out). For example, RC3_MIN, max, trim relate to the throttle (vertical) input channel, but if you move the throttle input, the output for servo 3, 4, and 5 (three vertical motors) will change.

RC7 is strafe input, servo 6 is the lateral motor underneath the bluerov.

Here is the code if you want to change it: