Standard Electronics Package:Camera Help

Hi there,

I am trying out the standard electronics package in addition to the advanced I have been working on. I have the pixhawk communicating with my windows 7 laptop through the Fathom-S boards, but I am unable to get camera feed on my TV. I have conductivity from the camera to the topside RCA cable, but am unable to get camera feed.

Am I missing something small or do I possibly have a bad camera?

Thanks for the help

Are you using the BR standard electronics package camera?
Are you sure that you have conductivity from the camera to the topside RCA cable because there is a video amplifier on the Topside interface board. Did you measure from the ROVside interface camera video input to the input to the video amplifier to confirm conductivity?
You have all eight tether wires connected in the same order at both interfaces? You have made sure that you have not switched a solid wire with its accompanying white stripped wire?

Yes I’m using the BR package. And I checked conductivity through like you’ve said, from camera to RCA. All the wires are in the correct order and correspond with the correct color. I’ve double checked the setup with the BlueROV 2 assembly guide. I’ve tried 2 different RCA cables and 2 different tvs.

I have pixhawk signal on my lap top, so my board should be working properly. Maybe just a bad camera?

How long is your tether and what is the gain setting on the pot on the Topside interface board?

Hi Madi,

I have a couple things to check out:

  • Can you measure the voltage going to the camera? It’s connected to the black and red pins of the camera connector.
  • If you have a good way to hook it up, you can try connecting the camera directly to a TV to test it. You would have to power it with 12V and connect the signal and ground to the RCA connector.

Let me know how this goes. If this doesn’t narrow it down then we’ll be happy to send another camera over to try that.