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Power up fathom s

Hi all. I’m just trying to get the camera to work in on the fathom s board but can’t seem to get it up.
Rov side. Iv got the tether connected, power connected and the camera connect.
Top side. Iv got the tether connect, usb plugged in to the computer and av plugged into the tv.

Nothing come up on the tv what am I doing wrong.
Does one of the jumper pegs need putting in to choose power down tether or always on.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi Lee,

We’ll be happy to help debug this. First of all, you should have the “always on” jumper in place. It would be helpful to see a picture of each board wired up. It’s usually easier to catch any issues that way!

If you have some jumper wires available you can also test the camera separately by connecting it to power and the AV port on the TV directly to eliminate the Fathom-S.

Please let me know if the jumper helps and if not, send some pictures to help us diagnose the problem.


Hi Rusty thank you for getting back to me.
Iv just tried the camera and it worked fine powered separately.
He’s some pictures of how it’s wired. If you see anything wrong please let me know.


Hi Lee,

Thanks for sharing these! I’d try one more thing:

  1. Check the power supply to the camera by measuring from ground to the 12V test pad located near the camera pins.

  2. Check the -5v power supply that’s used for transmitting the camera stream. There’s a test pad near the edge of the board that is labeled “-5V”.

If there are any issues with those then I would contact our support team at support@bluerobotics.com and we can try to help further or provide a replacement.


Hi rusty. Thanks for getting back to me.
Just tried the 12v supply for the camera it’s working.
The pins next to that says 5v there’s nothing coming through on that.
Also it gets extremely hot to touch and you can smell it too.

Hi Lee,

Alright, can you please contact our support team at support@bluerobotics.com? We recently discontinued this product but we can check if we have any replacements available.