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Video out on Fathom-S

Hey, some and some school mates are trying to get our analog camera from the waterside interface to output to the video out on the topside Fathom-S board but aren’t able to get it to output to our monitor. I was hoping someone could explain to me how the board works as I’m very new to this sort of tech to relieve some of my confusion as to how the video signal goes from one board to another which would help me solve this issue :slight_smile:


Did you follow these BR Instruction about using the Fathom-S Board Set and if yes, what part is not working as expected?


Yes we did follow those :slight_smile: but we cant get the video signal up the tether to the topside board and to output via the video out topside.

Can you post a photo of the connections on both boards?

Will do.

Sorry for the delay in response, so it turns out it was a issue with our monitor, thank your for your time :slight_smile:

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