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Analog Camera / Fathom S Board


I wanted to use Low-Light Analog Camera with fathom S board.I plugged the camera ROVside board , then I used a EasyCap video grabber to capture video from topSide(plugged the grabber to RCA video output).I use Python/ OpenCV to capture the video but when I execute my program , I get blue screen and my computer shuts down.I think the problem is Low Light Camera seems like an OEM Device, not a video camera in Device Manager.I used several drivers but result is the same.Is there anyone have the same problem?Or How am I suppose to capture video from the Topside, any suggestions?Thanks.

I would say that there is a problem somewhere after the Fathom S, did you try hooking up the camera output directly to the EZCap? if that works okay then maybe there’s an issue with the Fathom S interconnects.

@Baglayici - the video capture card is what should show up as a video device in Device Manager. The camera itself just provides an analog NTSC/PAL signal.

I would follow @Sarawak_ROV’s advice and test the capture card directly to the camera to verify that it is working.

I used a 3rd party program and used it as a video source in OpenCV , and it worked really well.I think I have my solution, thanks. @Sarawak_ROV @rjehangir

Hi Engin,

Cool! Glad you found a solution. What program are you using?


Hi Rusty,
I use SplitCam for capturing , besides DvDriver is my other option.

Hey Engin. was curious to get your opinion on the analog camera do you have any image quality examples you could share? Also from what I am gathering you plug the camera into the rov board tether up to the topside board and rca to a monitor? no other connections?