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Analog Camera / Fathom S Board

(Engin) #1


I wanted to use Low-Light Analog Camera with fathom S board.I plugged the camera ROVside board , then I used a EasyCap video grabber to capture video from topSide(plugged the grabber to RCA video output).I use Python/ OpenCV to capture the video but when I execute my program , I get blue screen and my computer shuts down.I think the problem is Low Light Camera seems like an OEM Device, not a video camera in Device Manager.I used several drivers but result is the same.Is there anyone have the same problem?Or How am I suppose to capture video from the Topside, any suggestions?Thanks.


I would say that there is a problem somewhere after the Fathom S, did you try hooking up the camera output directly to the EZCap? if that works okay then maybe there’s an issue with the Fathom S interconnects.

(Rusty) #3

@Baglayici - the video capture card is what should show up as a video device in Device Manager. The camera itself just provides an analog NTSC/PAL signal.

I would follow @Sarawak_ROV’s advice and test the capture card directly to the camera to verify that it is working.

(Engin) #4

I used a 3rd party program and used it as a video source in OpenCV , and it worked really well.I think I have my solution, thanks. @Sarawak_ROV @rjehangir

(Rusty) #5

Hi Engin,

Cool! Glad you found a solution. What program are you using?


(Engin) #6

Hi Rusty,
I use SplitCam for capturing , besides DvDriver is my other option.