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Low-Light Analog Camera

I’ve purchased a low-light analog camera. I’ve connected wires to TV.
Normally I can capture images with other FPV cameras. But I couldn’t capture with it. My question is that:
Is it only working with Fathom-s? Also there is another pin on the pcb. What their purpose?
If it is possible I want to use only Easycap and this camera.

Can you post a picture of how you have it connected? We haven’t tried other connection methods other than Fathom-S. Also, you region (NTSC or PAL) matters for compatibility. Which one do have?

I believe the other header pin connection is for an on screen display, but we haven’t used it as suchFree-Shipping-OSD-Cable-for-CCD-Board-CCTV-video-power-OSD-cable-for-cctv-analog-cameras .