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Low-Light Analog Camera 3-pin connector type



I have a Low-Light Analog Camera, but have lost the ‘3-pin video connector’ cable that came with it. What type of connector/cable do I need to purchase that will fit the camera’s connector?


(Kevin) #2

Hi @AlekC We have our own proprietary cable we made for the Analog Camera that was designed to connect to the Fathom-S board. You can contact sales@bluerobotics.com if you would like to buy one.

There is a 3-position JST-ZH on one side that connects to the camera and a 3-position 0.1" Female Header connector that plugs into the Fathom-S board.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the quick reply. To clarify, the 3-position JST-HZ header on the camera needs a proprietary cable? I am planning on splicing the yellow video wire to composite RCA, so I don’t need the interface for the fathom-s board.

(Kevin) #4

Sorry, to clarify what I mean by proprietary is that it is our design and what we make. Nobody else makes this JST-ZH to header pin cable besides us.

You are more than welcome to make your own cable with a JST- ZH connector, just mind the power polarity.