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Need Help incorporating an additional HD analog camera

We have some HD analog waterproof cameras lying around and I wanted to see if we could use the fathom-a/fathom-x system to stream video free of interference to a tv/laptop up top. The standard cameras work just fine off of the fathom-s system they’re just fuzzy (as expected), but the HD camera seems to be having some issues displaying. The HD camera has way better clarity but is all greyscale and has like no frame rate. Also it keeps cutting out every other second or so. Both cameras have the same outputs of power/gnd/signal so I plugged them into their respective locations. I plugged the rca video outlet into into the outlet on the tv and the tv seems to recognize the input as a 1080p component but keeps cutting out.

What I’m trying to ask is if the problem lies in the fathom s, and if there’s any conversion I need to put the video through first for it to work better?


It’s really not clear where the problem might be, it might even be on your tv, or some mismatch between ntsc/pal

Please share your camera datasheet and a picture of how you have everything connected. You may also want to try our analog camera: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/sensors-sonars-cameras/cameras/low-light-ntsc-camera/