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Issue with cam

(Simone Nascivera) #1


I have bought the bluerobotics’ camera and I want to get the video and stream it on a beaglebone black, but I didn’t get any positive result. I have tried connecting ground and 12 v pin to external power supply and connecting signal and ground ones to a rca video input cable/usb output but nothing have been detected. Have anyone already tried?

Thank you,

Nascivera Simone

(Rusty) #2

Hi Nascivera,

We haven’t tried this before but it should work. The camera provides an NTSC or PAL (depending on which you purchased) signal with 1 Vpp signal. Are you able to detect other cameras? I’m not familiar with using analog cameras on a Beaglebone Black.


(Simone Nascivera) #3

Hi Rusty,

my problem is exactly the one you mentioned, I have never tried an analog cam with a bbb before and my first try didn’t go well. Which system do your rov use to interface with the cam?

Thank you,


(Rusty) #4


We send the analog video feed directly to the surface with our Fathom-S tether interface. It would be AWESOME to be able to digitize that on the BBB and then send over a network connection. When we use an Ethernet-based tether (with our Fathom-X tether interface) we use a digital camera instead of the analog one.