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Analog camera interfacing

can anyone help me to interface the analog camera with fathom S, also suggest me is there any additional software required to view the video out in my laptop?


I have added a rear view analog camera connected through a spare tether pair, and the fathom S boards. On the surface, I use the Startech SVID2USB23 USB S-Video and Composite Audio Capture Cable. It comes with software to view/capture to the laptop. I added an external HDMI monitor to view this, and the BR Pingviewer.

Note: When I enable video capture for both the analog camera, and BR record, it runs the laptop CPU up to 98% consistently. (Panasonic Toughbook with an i5 processor).


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thanks k,deboor, if we are using this Startech SVID2USB23 USB S-Video module, can we record the video to our laptop?

Hi @sudheeshk,
Yes, there is a record feature. It will store it on the laptop. Make sure you select the correct resolution from the drop-down menu. (640 x 480) for example.

oh… which is the software should i choose?