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Fathom X Problem - seeking advice

This has been sent to support - also posting here in the event somebody has some thoughts on what the problem is.

“I recently purchased a Fathom X interface board set. They were running fine on the bench with 5V power from a USB supply and I was successful in sending 3 video streams plus some telemetry (IMU/Pressure etc) from the Raspberry Pi on the “ROV” to the “surface unit (Fathom-X connected to wireless access point). After assembling everything in a 4in Blue Robotics enclosure which included a 14.8V LiPo battery and your 5V/6A power supply I connected the onboard Fathom X (A) directly to the 14.8V feed with the 5V supply feeding the Pi and servo motor. After a brief period of operation I lost communication with the Pi – found the Fathom X A unit running quite hot. Removed 14.8V supply and powered up again from 5V USB source – still no connection. I then switched (interchanged) the Fathom X units and the connection came back up but bit rate appeared to be throttled. Some further testing I inserted the units on my direct ethernet connection from laptop to my modem which normally runs at around 50Mb/s and could only achieve about 8Mb/s with the units inline. Again the connection would only work with the A unit on the modem end. Expect I need to replace the A unit but would appreciate any insights.”

Hi @jmmocarroll, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The electronics aren’t intended to be run outside of water for an extended period, particularly while enclosed without ventilation, because they can overheat.

Assuming your battery was charged it shouldn’t have issues powering the Fathom-X, and it seems odd that the rate seems to be throttled, unless perhaps it’s an issue with the cameras drawing too much power from the Raspberry Pi (which seems inconsistent given it was working initially).

From our support emails it seems you’ve been shipped a replacement board. Assuming that’s arrived, have you had any further issues, or are you satisfied at this point that the initial board just happened to be faulty? :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. I did order a replacement board and G.Torres from your team was kind enough to rebate the cost. I have the new board set up outside the enclosure powered from a bench supply right now. Gradually increasing the voltage and monitoring but everything seems to be working again for now. If it runs for an extended period at 16V I will put it back in the enclosure. Don’t expect any issue but will let you know. Suspect the original was faulty. I am monitoring the internal temperature btw.

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