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Software Updates 8 February 2018

(Jacob) #1

Hello Blue Robotics crowd, after a winter lull, we have another update for QGroundControl!

Here are the download links:


Visit the release notes to see all of the changes; here are the highlights:

  • Allow popping out PiP into separate window to display on a separate monitor

    • Hover your mouse over the Picture-in-Picture window while it contains the video, and click the icon in the upper left corner to bring the video into a new window that you can move to a separate monitor.
    • Close the new window to return the video back to its original location
  • Add USB NMEA GPS support for showing GCS position

  • Fix video codec compliance

    • Removed broken frames at beginning of file, and files will play in most if not all players and editors now
  • Listen for audio stream on udp port 5601, no audio recording yet

    • Our low light USB cameras have a built in microphone that you will be able to listen to in QGC now. The sounds of the thrusters and impacts are great feedback, but the sound envelope at high volumes can be a little bit…harsh. The sounds of the camera tilt servo will come through loud and proud as well, this can be avoided by adding a USB microphone to the Raspberry Pi. The volume of the audio stream can be adjusted by clicking the speaker icon next to the record button.

There is also a small update available for Companion, the update is only required if you are using the Waterlinked Underwater GPS system. The release notes for the Companion update are here. The image can be downloaded here, or you can update your existing installation by connecting your ROV to your computer and visiting There are only two changes:

  • A bugfix for the Water Linked Underwater GPS system
  • The Raspberry Pi now serves a video stream description that can be used to play the video stream in VLC (the video stream cannot be displayed concurrently in QGC)
    • To view the video stream in VLC:

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(Julian Hancock) #4

Thanks Jacob.


(Svein H.) #5

Hi @jwalser
Do we need to have the sound slide visible on the screen? Personally i would like to have the picture as clean as posseble. Will it appare in the original QGC picture as well?

Svein Harald.

(Jacob) #6

Hi @SHS, the slider can be visible/hidden by clicking the speaker icon.

(achat) #7


Is it possible to use a codec like h264; xvid or any other to reduce the size of the file recorded.
I get a file of 170 000 Ko after only 1 minute. I would like to reduce the size of the file.


(Jacob) #8

The video is compressed with H264. You can reduce the filesize by reducing the framerate or resolution at


Nice update. Thank you.

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(Anthony White) #11

In latest version of VLC on mac, stream doesn’t seem to work. Using:

Settings visible in linux version in your instructions don’t seem to apply. Under settings, not much similar…

This opens without error, but displays nothing.

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