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External audio in QGC

Hi all,
Any thoughts on whether external audio (eg USB microphone) can be recorded over the QGC video file? (stable or daily builds)


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Hi @spotxuv,

As per our Software Components diagram, QGC expects an audio stream at UDP port 5601. By default that’s sent by Companion, which uses gstreamer to stream the camera audio, but it should be possible to change the device used for that, or turn it off (comment it out in .companion.rc) and instead set up an audio stream at the topside (e.g. from a USB microphone recording spoken comments or something).

If you’re wanting to keep the camera audio and add in a voiceover or something on top that would probably require doing a separate voiceover recording while operating (or afterwards), and then combining that in post with the existing video recording audio using ffmpeg or video editing software.


Have you considered using OBS or another screen recorder to record your screen while flying the ROV and using a USB microphone? You could even have QGroundControl recording too as a backup if your computer has enough processing power.

Great, thanks @EliotBR , will give it a try
@btrue yes I did try that, but the issue with using OBS is that there is a 0.5-1 sec video delay (regardless of settings used), but no audio delay, so the tracks are always out of sync.