Audio and text recording with video?

Is there any way to record audio with the video in QGC?

And/or is it possible to record text overlay: Depth etc.

At the moment: no. But we want these things!

I have done experiments with adding text overlay to the video, but it requires re-encoding the video in real time which is very resource intensive. It works ok on a high-performance desktop, but is impractical on laptop hardware. So we are looking into alternative methods to export some metadata file (subtitles or something) to overlay on the video in post-processing.

We are working on both of these things when we can. Both will take quite a bit of work, and will come in time.

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From what I know of thats not possible in Q Groundcontrol now.
To do that use a separate screen recording program.
Those use a lot of processor Power, so test Before actual use.
One solution that use moderate processor but a little simple is:
Icecream recorder is Icecreamrecorder: Screen Recorder: Record Screen for Free - Icecream Apps
Some video editing software has this feature bulit in, like Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus.

I have tried icecream screen recorder but it makes the live stream from the rov stutter and drags the video lag up to an impossible amount of time. I haven’t found a better alternative yet. Data recording is a very important tool needed for commercial work.

what about audio? this would maybe not require re-encoding.

Audio will be coming at some point. We have more motivation now that our new USB cameras are out, they have a built-in microphone that can be used for the audio.

The audio, that I was asking for is to be recorded at topside, allowing speak on what is seen in the recording. I will just do a separate recording and sync it afterwards.

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Aha, yes we have considered this as well, and it’s on our list.

Hi! @jwalser
About overlay OSD recording.
Could it be possible to integrate info like depth, position etc as subtitle data?
Same way as language texting on movie files like MP4
That would give some advantages:

  1. No re-encoding of video picture, data goes as embedded info.
  2. Choice when playing back video to have, or not to have embedded texting on screen.

Hi @Boko,

We are between this options:

  1. An overlay in QGC video output.
  2. Create a simple script interface for the user in QGC to create and save a personalized .srt while recording video.
  3. A mavlink log will be saved while recording the video to create a post-processing text overlay or .srt file.

The goal is to implement one of this ideas in this year.


I would vote for number 2

Number 1

In our case, on a mac, we just use Quicktime to record the screen so we have a parallel video with all the information on the QGC. It works very well, only resulting in quite large sized videos (about 13GB for a 30 min dive), but I guess we could explore postprocessing ways to reduce this size. Of course, if there would be one option to view (on request) the depth directly on the original video, then it is the best, but in the meantime our system works not too bad.

The most reliable way to record audio with the video that I know is using screen recording software like VideoSolo Screen Recorder. With the simple interface and powerful functions, you can have a good command of it quickly.

Try FoneLab screen recorder, which can meet your need including recording audio with the video and adding text overlay to the video

Hi @patrickelectric,

Any update on progress on this?


Hi Peter,

We are working right now to improve stability in QGC, some new features are in hold until the next release (that will hopefully be soon), after that we can think about the record feature again.

@BlueRingOccy You can monitor the progress here: Add dive information in video · Issue #122 · bluerobotics/qgroundcontrol · GitHub