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Newbie, need some info on video for Blue2

(Darron) #1

I have done all the dry tests and ready for a wet test, my question is why do you recommend a LCD screen when the video is already on the ground control screen on my laptop?
Also how do I record a video of the dive?

And can I use ground control for video overlay?

Thanks in advance
I’m quite new to this


(Jacob) #2

Hi Darron,

If you are using the advanced electronics package with a digital video stream, then an LCD screen isn’t used. The LCD screen is necessary when using an analog video camera.

The next release of QGroundControl will have support for recording video. You can try the developmental daily build which has this feature, but we recommend the stable build for operation.

We are at the very early stages of trying to use QGroundControl for text overlay on the video. I can’t make a guess on when this will be actually available to use as a feature. Is this what you are interested in?


(Todd Sparkes) #3

Hey Darron, You don’t need an LCD screen if you are running on a laptop or running only one camera. Many video recording software programs will allow you to record video. Just open up the video stream in the backgound and hit record. Some programs will allow you to add video overlay as well. No you cannot put video overlay on QGC.

(Darron) #4

Thanks guys, could you recommend a video software program that allows overlay?
also what about audio can I ad voice using this same software ?

(Todd Sparkes) #5

I use Debut Video software. It works well and is very easy to use.

(Jacob) #6

On Ubuntu I have had a very good experience using Kazam for screen recording, it can record audio as well. It’s available in the software center.