OSD Video layout in QGC

Got my new BLUE ROV now and just started the dry testing.
I have looked around in the forum but can`t seem to find the answer for my following question.

Is it possible to change the way that the video appear on the PC screen ? The way it appear on the screen right now is not optimal in terms of professional inspection use.
Please correct me if I`m wrong, but in order to record the video I must record the computer screen (screen reorder ?)

The Arm button is not something you want to show on your inspection video.

The little map is ok as long as it can be toggled on and off.

Indicating by the red circle, the heading and depth is important parameters to show, date and time as well. Anyway the compass can be enlarged ?

Is it possible to make the OSD look any different than shown on my PC now ?

Thank you


In the General Settings page (click the ‘Q’ icon) there is a checkbox labeled ‘Virtual joystick’. Uncheck that and the circles will go away and the compass will get bigger. You can click the small button in the lower left hand corner of the map to hide the map. In the next release of QGroundControl, the arming button has been removed, and there is the option to record the raw video stream without any overlay.

Text overlay is a work in progress.


Thank you, I found it :slight_smile: Next release sounds exiting. I use Debut software to record the video now and that also allow me to insert watermark / logo and text and also the time/date stamp. All in all everything you look for in an inspection video that is performed without USBL/transponder/GPS interface
Thank you.

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Hi Jacob,

Any news about the next release to record the text overlay?

Thank you

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