Does the low light cam have a microphone?

Thinking of upgrading from my pi cam. I saw an older post indicating that it had a mic, but there is nothing on the store page. I’d like to add sound to my video.

You might not like the result you are getting from a microphone that’s encapsulated in an acrylic tube with a servo, ESCs and other rather noisy components. Professionally i’d suggest a hydrophone like This one But it’s pricy.
I found my middleground with attaching a GoPro that has surprisingly good microphones for underwater conditions mounted on a battery tube with something like this
Syncing footage to audio should not be a problem. But something tells me you’d go for a gopro footage anyway. =)

Hi @manipogo,

It does have a microphone, and our Companion software even streams it to the topside (on UDP port 5601),

but QGC doesn’t support audio receiving so it would unfortunately need to be received/recorded by something else.

One option for receiving is to use gstreamer, with

gst-launch-1.0 udpsrc port=5610 \
! application/x-rtp, media=audio, clock-rate=44100, encoding-name=L16, encoding-params=1, channels=1, payload=96 \
! rtpL16depay \
! audioconvert \
! queue \
! autoaudiosink sync=false

I’m not sure why the page doesn’t mention the microphone - I brought that up internally and was told it definitely should mention it, so we’re fixing that now - thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks. The GoPro idea is a good one.

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Perfect. Thanks.