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Camera issues after 8 February update

(manuela) #1

Hi everybody,
after the update to the last version ( February 2018) we are facing a lot of problems to get a clear image: the new audio function makes conflict with the video images.
We fear the microphone is too close to the camera servo.
How can we disable the audio function or take the microphone off?

We have another rov, we downloaded the upgrade, the camera works good but there is no audio at all. Cannot understand why.
We tried to set the camera framerate, and to change all the other settings regulation…no way.

Now we need to record video and want to solve this issue as soon as possible.
Scrolling the servo up and down there is not a clear vision : the camera images are blurred, like they were on some delay.
Before the upgrade they were clear and arrived on real time.
We have downloaded it again but without any improvements.
Does anyone can help?

(Jacob) #2

Hi @sorsricerche,

Let’s understand where the problem is. It sounds like the problem was introduced when you changed the QGC version to Rev4.

  • Is this correct?
  • If so, what version were you using previously?
  • Does it work correctly again if you go back to your previous version?

You can find previous versions here. You can see the version you are currently using in the application window title bar.

(manuela) #3

Hi Jacob,
we upgraded to Rev4 version, it’s correct.
The last one we were using was the Rev3.
Before going back to that previous version can you tell us if we can disable this microphone in some way: We think they don’t match togheter.
The audio is very noising too and unbearable.
Any tips?

(Jacob) #4

You can turn the volume down by clicking the speaker icon.

(manuela) #5

Yes, but this makes my ears safe but cannot solve the camera problem.
I think this audio function causes issues with the camera images.
How can I disable this function?

(Jacob) #6

Please answer all of my original questions. I am giving you these steps in an attempt to identify the exact problem.

The audio stream cannot be disabled.

(manuela) #7

Hi again,
we went back to the previous version ( Rev3) but now neither this is not working anymore.
The images are blurred, not clear and on short delay.
Any tips?

(Jacob) #8

This is the kind clue I was reaching for. It sounds like the problem is not to do with the update or QGC, but something else happened coincidentally.

Are you using the same computer that you had previously?

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com, and we can get in touch directly.

(manuela) #9

Ok, thanks for the moment.
We are making some more check and if we cannot solve, we will write again.

Thanks for your help