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Simple solution choose from 2 different usb camera

(Ola Fjerstad) #1

an easy way to choose between two different camera
connect +5v on the camera that will be in use
I use a 12v relay with 5 v input to selekt camera
The relay is controlled through relay output on pixhawk
PS PS you need the latest software update 0.016 on Raspberry pi ( hotplugging of camera )
There is a delay of about 7 sec

(Rusty) #2

Clever! I like it.

(Jay Abraham) #3

this is super cool ! could you mention how you would change between cameras on QGC?

(Ola Fjerstad) #4


I assign one button on the joystic to relay_1_ toggle

You need to go to parameter an assign relay 1 to the desierd output channel on the pixhawk

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