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Two BR cameras on RPi

Hi All
I plugged two Blue Robotics HD USB cameras onto the RPi of my ROV. I would like to be able to swap from one to the other. That looks possible by connecting the topside computer to the RPi via the address and change the video device. It worked a few times, but now I can only display the front camera on QGC…
Any idea on what parameter I should change?


Hi @Seb,

Are you saying you’re now unable to change the video device from the companion web interface, or are you asking how you could change the video device from QGC?

If both cameras are still being detected you should be able to swap between them in the web interface. At this point QGC only knows about one camera at a time, so you can’t swap between streams from within QGC unless you set up a second stream on a different port (in which case you can swap the port QGC uses in order to access the other video stream).

Hi Elot
Thanks for your answer.
I’m no longer able to swap between the cameras in the web interface.
So, today I tested the second camera and it seems to be dead… That’s weird as I didn’t change anything on the wiring and the camera only has a couple of hours of operation.
So I believe I’ll have to order a new one.

Please email support@bluerobotics.com and link them to this thread. If you’ve used the camera within expected operating conditions then it shouldn’t fail after only a couple of hours, in which case we should be able to give you a refund or send through a replacement :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the tip, I’ll send them an email explaining what happened. :slightly_smiling_face: