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A little help on setting up a PWM Relay Switch?

(Jeremy) #1

Hello all. It seems like this should be pretty easy to do but I’m obviously missing something. I’d like to use a PWM Relay Switch like this: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-tx-controlled-relay-switch.html to operate a simple laser scaler via the gamepad - idealy using a shift/button combination just to turn the scaler on and off . The physical portion of the project is no problem and mostly done. Would anyone be willing to walk me thru the ArduSub/QGC setup?


Custom Joystick Button Functions
(Jacob) #2

In ArduSub 3.4, this can be done by re-purposing the ‘video source toggle’ joystick button function.

  1. Configure a button with the camera_source_toggle function
  2. Plug your signal cable for the relay into Aux output 1 on the Pixhawk
  3. Set the RC9_FUNCTION parameter to RCIN11

In 3.5 (coming soon), you will be able to configure buttons to control generic pwm output functions and set output pins low/high for relays.

(Jeremy) #3

Thanks for the reply, Jacob. Unfortunately, no joy with your recommendation. I may try some more with 3.5 although, I’m thinking it may be a better strategy to use a simple relay off the RPi GPIO’s and just control the switching with a keystroke.