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Relay setup in QGC

I’m not getting a relay control command from the Pixhawk and am looking for support on setting it up.

Relay control is connected to Aux 4 on the Pixhawk.
Relay Parameter is set to RELAY_PIN3 AUXOUT4 Third Relay Pin
Joystick button assignment is relay_3_toggle

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Which ardusub version?

ArduSub version 4.0.1

You should have BRD_PWM_COUNT <=3 to configure aux out 4 as gpio instead of pwm: http://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/outputs.html#controlling-relays

I’ve changed BRD_PWM_COUNT to Three PWM’s and rebooted. How do I now configure aux out 4 as GPIO?

That’s it:
I’ve got it working with
JS button - relay3 toggle
RELAY_PIN3 AUXOUT4 - Third Relay Pin

Got it - thanks for your help!