Pixhawk set-up for relays, gripper and and lights

Is it possible to control 2 light channels, 1 camera servo, gripper and one Relay with the pixhawk?
If so, how should the set-up be done?

Hi @SDI,

That should work fine. The output channels for all of those are configurable, although the servo_n_min/max_momentary joystick functions (for the gripper) only apply to AUX pins 1-3, where AUX{n} corresponds to the servo_{n}_* functions. The relay functionalities are only available on AUX pins, and the desired pin is specified with the RELAY_PIN parameter.

AUX6 is generally used for the leak sensor, but AUX 1-5 should be available for the additional functions you’ve specified, as well as MAIN 7 and 8 if you’re using a standard (6 thruster) BlueROV2 rather than the (8 thruster) heavy configuration.

When selecting channels for the lights and camera mount, the numbers start counting from MAIN 1, so AUX 1 = Channel 9.

We are using heavy config. We are not using the leak sensor so all six AUX are available. Would you be so kind to paste in a screen dump showing just where / which menu to use when assigning the pins? Would the following assignment be correct:
Aux 1: Camera servo
Aux 2: Gripper
Aux 3: Light 1
Aux 4: Light 2
Aux 5: Relay 1
Aux 6: Relay 2

Your suggested pins should work fine, as long as they’re configured to control what you’ve specified.

Use the Camera page to assign output channel 9:

Note: the min and max PWM limits can be changed to change the angles the servo can rotate to, although extending the range too much may result in issues with the cable pulling.

Use the Joystick page to assign the servo_2_min_momentary and servo_2_max_momentary joystick button functions to close and open the gripper:

Use the Lights page to assign output channels 11 and 12:

This is two relay outputs, when you originally only mentioned needing one, but that’s also fine.

Use Parameters page to set:

Param Selection Underlying Value

Use the Joystick page to assign the relay_1_* and relay_2_* joystick button functions.

Thank you vey much. Yes, I do need only one one relay, but since there was a free slot… then why not prepare it :slight_smile:
So I will change change from 6PEM back to: BRD_PWM_COUNT Four PWMs 4
Thank you.

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