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Set mission to ardusub via acoustick modem

Hello BlueRoboticks! My department bought one of yours complects for bluerow2 drone. It has m64 acoustick modem, And also underwater gnss system. I have some questions for them

  1. I cant understand, m64 connected to pixhawk directly, or it connects to Companion, and only after, all data came through. I saw the library, but still can’t understand. Also , if AUV under water, how it takes gnss data, via ethernet udp mavlink? I can’t found the answer.

  2. We also bought a Water Linked Underwater GPS Explorer Kit. For now, I can’t understand how it interact with companion + pixhawk (what interfaces, what libraries, what physical device). What script for companion should work with that?

  3. I also want to use Modem-M64 for sending current coordinates from Underwater GPS system to AUV (without ethernet cabel). Which kind of libraries I should use? Is there some reference to interact with this systems?

  4. Also I want to set mission via acoustick channel, I use QGroundControl for now.